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About me

I am a painter of Transylvanian origin, born in Târgu-Mureș (Romania) and currently living and working in Cluj-Napoca where I studied Fine Arts at the University of Art and Design. There I was first awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts, 2015, followed by Master of Arts, 2017, both within the School of Painting. Presently I am attending the same university where I am studying for a doctorate. As a result of exhibiting in several group exhibitions, not only in my own country, Romania, but also abroad, I have had the opportunity of showcasing my work in a number of solo exhibitions. A winner of a series of exhibitions organised in 2017, I was invited to exhibit my paintings in the Trade Fair Palace of the National Gallery Prague in the Czech Republic. This event, in the framework of the StartPoint Prize 2017, is designed specifically for European art graduates. My work is held in private collections within Europe and beyond.
About my art

Most often the process of painting is fired by a micro story reduced to the level of everyday life, a tale of an average person who I may have happened upon on the internet. In consequence of image-making procedures, processes that are simultaneously constructive and deconstructive, the found and transformed digital image becomes alienated from its original content, it springs into its own existence to be filled with new content, to become part of the emerging visual structure. The tension between the way of painting and the inwrought bodies (micro events taken place by figures) forms an indispensable part of my paintings.

The body became the expression of physical and emotional human experience. In this way, my paintings are not about a false representation of reality, but rather the concealing of the notion that reality is no longer real.
At the same time it is important to keep in mind that these illusionary worlds have their bases in reality, seem inexhaustibly rich, but in fact they represent a world lacking space and dimensions. By the making of the Monument for Future, my recent series, I try to aim for the problematization of this particular abstraction. In this way, the oil paintings figures, which are taken out their context, by the fact that they are just seemingly together, refer exactly to these artificial relationships and their abstract nature.
The frequent loose gesture maybe comprises in itself the pulsing life’s illusion, while we see that we are just simulacrum witnesses of life. This is the story that I try to compress into every one of my paintings: the excitement of life. The experience is born between the omissions, repainting, erasures and piling up of paint.

b. 1992 in Tîrgu-Mureş, Romania, lives and works  in Cluj, Romania


2017-2020 Phd candidate, University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania

2015-2017 Masters degree, Painting Departement, University of Art and Design,  Cluj Napoca, Romania

2012-2015 BA, Painting Departement, University of Art and Design,  Cluj Napoca, Romania

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Kunsttage Ehrenbreitstein, Theater am E’stein, Koblenz, DE

2019 Kunsttage Ehrenbreitstein, Theater am E’stein, Koblenz, DE

2018 Solo exhibition, Transylvanian Art Center-Arcade House, Sepsiszentgyörgy, RO


Splinter, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj, RO 

Game Zone, Expomaraton, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj, RO 

RE FRESH Painting/ Research, ”Paul Sima” Gallery UBB, Cluj, RO

2015 Artful Gallery, Bucharest, RO

Selected Group Exhibitions


Szárhegyi Őszi Művésztelep, Lăzarea, RO

275 Group Show NYAFAIR Exhibition 2020, “TriBeCa’s Contemporary Aty Fair”, New York Art Center, New York, US

L’Art s’invite dans l’industrie 2.0, Energom, Uzinaj, Cluj-Napoca, RO


I’art s’invite dans l’industrie, Ceremonie des voeux, Energom, Cluj, RO

Plen Air-International painting art cap, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj, RO

The night watch, Museum of Arts Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, RO

Abstract, Museum of Arts Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, RO


Confluences, Palace of Culture, Târgu-Mures, RO

Sottobosco, Museum of Arts Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, RO

Hit és szabadság, Transylvanian Art Center, Sepsiszentgyörgy, RO


Painting/Now,  Museum Complex from Bistrița-Năsăud, Bistrița-Năsăud, RO

Ending session, Urania Palace, Cluj-Napoca, RO

School from Cluj-Painting and Sculpture, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs, HU

Start Point Prize 2017, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, RO

Confluence, Palace of Culture, Târgu-Mures, RO

Start Point Prize 2017, Prize for European art graduates, Trade Fair Palace, Prague National Gallery, Prague, CZ

RE FRESH Painting/Research, Gallery ”Paul Sima” UBB, Cluj, RO

BREAKING RULES, Museum of Arts Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, RO

The School of Cluj, Painting&Graphic Arts, Neon Gallery/Academy of Arts Wroclaw, PL


Group exhibition, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts Cracow, PL

Art Safari Bucharest, Focus Art Gallery, Bucharest, RO

Group exhibition, Gara Mica Group, Cluj, RO     

2015 Art  in the Park, University of Art and Design, Painting department, Cluj, RO

2013 The Crivelli’s new read, Monte San Martino, IT


2019 Prize of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, Cluj, RO 

2017 Jury prize, Expomaraton, Cluj, RO Prize of the Goethe Culture Center Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, RO

2015 Prize of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania, Cluj, RO

2012 2nd prize, National Olympiad of visual arts, Architecture and History of Arts, organized by the Ministry of Education,  Painting department, Targoviste, RO

2010 1st prize, International painting competition Sigismund Toduta, XV Edition, Deva, RO

2009 1st prize, International painting competition, Hans Herman, XI Edition, Sibiu, RO  Honourable, 9th International painting competition, Velasquez-The king’s painter and the painters’ prince, Rybnik, PL


2020 Art camp Szárhegyi Őszi Művésztelep, Lăzarea, RO


Plein Air International Artcamp, Wroclaw, PL

Erasmus+ Placement, Internship, Galeria Plan B, Berlin, DE

2017 Art camp, Vârful Câmpului, Botoşani, RO

2016 Erasmus+ Study Mobility, Krakow, Poland

2014 Art camp, Vârful Câmpului, Botoşani, RO


Art camp, The Crivelli’s new read, Macerata/ Monte Saint Martino, IT

Erasmus Study Mobility, Venice, IT

2010 Art camp, Fine Arts High school, Kecskemét, HU